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Let this be a lesson to you all – if you have a fish tank, keep the KH up. And, if you forget and your KH keeps dropping, don’t do a 25% water change of RO water. Especially if you tank was running at about 8.5pH and the RO is (apparently) at 5pH.


  • 7 4 guppies
  • 4 glass catfish
  • 4 2 loaches
  • 2 Dwarf Gouramis
  • 1 male siamese fighting fish
  • 5 female siamese fighting fish
  • 3 2 Plecs
  • 6 glowlight tetras

Not the best of weeks…

Update Make that 1 guppy…

I’ve got to admit, I’ve seen stranger ideas for hybrid cars…

I know that none of you listen to Radio One (you’re all too grown up and/or cynical for that) but I’ve been sat in the car a lot this weekend, and there’s only so many times you can listen to Sweet Home Alabama before you go insane…

So, I’d like to present you with three tracks and see if you come to the same conclusion I did…

First up, Scooter’s “Nessaja” from 2002. Oh yes, 8 whole years ago (and it was 10 years too late then)…

Don’t feel you have to listen to all of it. You may well go insane.

Next we have the Scooter tribute band “Moped” from 2006…

Finally we have this Enter the Ninja from South African group Die Antwoord. It’s only just appeared on theradio now, and I assume it’s less than a year old (their first album was last year).

I can’t help feeling someone is parodying a parody…

(When she dances, I can’t help thinking she’s getting the form wrong too…)

Mar 2010
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