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Mar 2010

The sig implies that this is by Jeph Jacques (of QC fame), but I’ll be buggered if I can find it on one of his sites. The guy has more abandoned websites than I do…

I’m only up to the end of season 3, which probably makes this list a bit spoilery


  • Drink every time someone is given additional powers to get the writer’s out of a corner.
  • Drink every time a major plot line is completely abandoned (Claire’s a lesbian right?)
  • Drink every time a character’s consistently evil past is ignored and someone gives them another chance to screw them over.
  • Drink every time a Hero could have solved a problem by ACTUALLY USING THEIR SUPER POWERS but chose not to.
  • Drink every time Hiro’s brain tumor is cured by a dream (so far this has only happened once).
  • Drink every time you get fucking sick of reading ALL of Hiro and Ando’s dialog in subtitles WE TOTALLY GET IT, THEY’RE JAPANESE!!!
  • Drink every time Claire seems to forget that her blood cures death in others, so it really doesn’t matter if anyone she cares about dies.
  • Drink every time you have no idea who Noah works for any more.
  • Drink every time it’s obvious the FX budget has run out and they show a “power” off screen or with simple lighting effects.
  • Drink every time a characters actions completely betray any previous character development (WARNING: This is guaranteed to kill you).
Oct 2009
Larson in Real Life

Gary Larson is one of those comic writers with a beautifully twisted sense of humour. I’ve always loved the silliness of this cartoon…

Gary Larson's mosquito

So, imagine my delight at seeing this on BoingBoing…

Creative Commons picture from flickr user wmjas

Apr 2009
baad jokes

I’m so tempted to get this printed out and put it on the wall…