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Jul 2009
Sad Kermit

Colour me impressed. Air New Zealand creates a new safety video and put it, and the blooper reel, on the internet. Whoop-te-do.

Except… all the stewards and the pilot in the video are all naked bar from some body painted uniforms and some handily positioned props.

Jun 2009
Outdoor office

I’ve been thinking about having an ‘outdoor office’ at the new house, by running an armoured power run up the fence to the top of the garden.

Maybe this isn’t the best idea after all…

Add some wood to make a rain shelter for it, and you’ve got a power station out in your garden for £80. Or I could buy £100 of armoured cable and pretend I’d got an electrician to install it. Even if we ignore the geekiness, I think we all know which one is more likely…

Apr 2009
Google Image Search

I’m not quite sure when it happened, but google’s image search has suddenly sprouted a colour selector so that you can filter your results by one of twelve colour groups. The results are surprisingly accurate, although the colour options are rather limiting. Something like Multicolr would have been rather cooler and well within the abilities of the Empire…

Apr 2009
Beating the lawyers

Before he died, my grandfather decided to write his autobiography. Sadly, not much of it made it onto a computer and I now have sheets of barely legible scrawl to work my way through. I’ve just found an absolute gem… Before you read on, remember that my grandfather was the head of what was to become the National Archives…

I learnt to get my own back on the nit picking lawyers by throwing back at them some of my own mischievous legal concerns. My best one was to argue that s5 of the PRAct of 1958 did not create a right for members of the public to see documents which were more than 50 years old (the 30 year rule came later). I argued that the act said that “public records in the PRO [...] shall not be available until they have been in existence for fifty years [...]“. I contested that this did not say that such records must be made available. The Lord Chancellor agreed with me; and I was happy to agree that unless challenged we would ignore this bit of bad drafting.

I was also concerned about the definition of “records selected for preservation [...] shall be transferred not later than 30 years after their creation” when I discovered that two or three departments, including the Press Office, would simply create a minute, date is just before the last paper turned 30 years old, thus keeping the file from the PRO for another 30 years. This was not sloppy drafting, but merely a lack of understanding of [unclear word] procedures when senior officials wanted to keep files closed. This teased my lawyer friends, but I did [unclear word] departments to avoid this function (I expect the result was simply to shred such files and register them as ‘missing’).

Digital Photography School has a special on taking long exposure photographs. I love long exposure shots, but these are just a think of beauty that I could never even dream of matching. This shot was taken by Flickr user MumbleyJoe, but there are many more at the DPS page.

Mumbley Joe’s photos are (c) and all rights reserved. Please click the image to give the picture it’s due love and check out his other photos.

Sep 2008

You know how cool Stirling Engines are? (pun only vaguely intended)

You know how CPU fans are quite cool? (pun unavoidable)

How incredibly cool (look, I’m sorry) would a CPU fan powered by a stirling engine be?

Imagine that you’re in the market for a new bit, either male or female. Where would you be best looking? California? Florida? Well, according to this here map the singles / 1000 population, with a colour marker showing if it’s more male of female. Men are pretty much screwed (so to speak) until you get to the age of about 35, when the single females start appearing. Ignoring the probable illogic of this, it’s actually pretty interesting to watch how the gender divides work across the country as age increases…

Sep 2008

Stair Porn – It does exactly what it says on the tin. Except for the porn bit, obviously…

Aug 2008
Bridge Porn

So then boys and girls, how do you fancy some incredibly cool bridges? (yeah, there are some duplicates, but the pictures are cool none-the-less…)

Cool but unknown pictures
Milau – the highest bridge in the world
Scroll down for the fabulous Nanpu Bridge’s spiral incline
More random bridges