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Apr 2009
Beating the lawyers

Before he died, my grandfather decided to write his autobiography. Sadly, not much of it made it onto a computer and I now have sheets of barely legible scrawl to work my way through. I’ve just found an absolute gem… Before you read on, remember that my grandfather was the head of what was to become the National Archives…

I learnt to get my own back on the nit picking lawyers by throwing back at them some of my own mischievous legal concerns. My best one was to argue that s5 of the PRAct of 1958 did not create a right for members of the public to see documents which were more than 50 years old (the 30 year rule came later). I argued that the act said that “public records in the PRO [...] shall not be available until they have been in existence for fifty years [...]“. I contested that this did not say that such records must be made available. The Lord Chancellor agreed with me; and I was happy to agree that unless challenged we would ignore this bit of bad drafting.

I was also concerned about the definition of “records selected for preservation [...] shall be transferred not later than 30 years after their creation” when I discovered that two or three departments, including the Press Office, would simply create a minute, date is just before the last paper turned 30 years old, thus keeping the file from the PRO for another 30 years. This was not sloppy drafting, but merely a lack of understanding of [unclear word] procedures when senior officials wanted to keep files closed. This teased my lawyer friends, but I did [unclear word] departments to avoid this function (I expect the result was simply to shred such files and register them as ‘missing’).

Check out this rather nicely done parody mashup of the government’s obsession with collecting data and Facebook. Yes, it’s Statebook. Follow Jack Smith’s failures as a human being…

In America, a person on the sex offender’s register isn’t allowed to live with in 1000feet of a place where children congregate.

But what makes you a sex offender…?

  • You might be a sex offender if… you ever paid for a prostitute in New York
  • You might be a sex offender if… you use a stolen credit card to hire a stripper in New York
  • You might be a sex offender if… You had sex with a teenager while you were a teen yourself
  • You might be a sex offender if… you have ever given your kids too much information when giving “the birds and the bees” speech
  • You might be a sex offender if… you allow your teenage daughter to have sex or don’t do enough to stop her from getting knocked up
  • You might be a sex offender if… you are a teen and you take pictures of yourself and send it to other teens
  • You might be a sex offender if… you have oral sex with an intoxicated partner
  • You might be a sex offender if… you look at a child too long in Maine
  • You might be a sex offender if… you grab the arm of a 14 year old girl to chastise her for stepping in front of your moving car

And there’s more here

So… apparently 1 million people will have access to the child protection database that the government are calling ‘secure’.

There are 40 million people aged 15-65 in the UK. That’s 1 in 40 people.

Sounds perfectly secure to me…

Did you know this…?

If you get caught stealing something worth less than £200, then you get a fine of £80. If you pay the fine on time, you don’t get a criminal record.

How about that for a discount scheme…?

“A Belgian judge who slapped a €2,500 per day fine on an ISP until it filtered its network for music copyright infringements has reversed the decision after music lawyers conceded it wasn’t technically possible.” – The Register

Oct 2008
No words…

Does someone want to explain what the blue buggery fuck is going on here?

As far as I can see, Germany has issues a warrant for his arrest because he is a holocaust denier, which is illegal in Germany. Fair enough.

The problem is that the guy is an Australian, who posted his comments on his own Australian website, and was arrested at in England. In neither of these locations is holocaust denial illegal.

What the fuck is going on, legal system?!?