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There was a film I saw years ago which had a recurring ‘joke’/theme about a camera with only one shot left on it. The photographer keeps seeing more and more incredible things and always holding back from taking the shot incase something more incredible happens. In the end the photographer wastes the shot by taking a picture of the co-star, which I’m sure we can all agree is just plain silly.

Mind you, I’m fairly sure the film was in one of the Indiana Jones or Romancing the Stone type genre filmes, so it had to be expected.

I’m currently doing the same thing with my pills.

I’ve got just two 15/500 co-codamol pills left. The 8/500s do nothing for my jaw and the 10/500 co-drydamol pills that I didn’t pilfer from my grandfathers bedroom pharmacy didn’t do anything for me. So, I’m sat here, in pain, with my last two co-codamol, staring lovingly at them, but not daring to take because the pain might be worse later on…

Different countries scaled based on their spending per capita for different retail sectors…

Aug 2008
The four horsemen…

Something is wrong in the land of your hero. I’m actually getting decisions made.

It started when I finally stopped pissing around and went out and bought a new mobile phone. It has much shininess, including touch screen, GPS, motion sensors and seriously cool little gadgets. I am in much love. It’s only spoiled slightly by the fact the battery only lasts a day if you spend lots of time playing silly games and Orange don’t stock the car chargers.

Then I went out and bought myself a new watch. Made from shiny (and not so shiny) titanium effort with a photovoltaic face so it doesn’t go the way of my old watch when they stop making the seals.

The car has not only been washed, it’s been vacuumed and polished (more accurately, Polished I suppose) inside and out.

The only thing left to do is to buy a new hat and the Four Horsemen will be able to settle their tab at the Wagon and Horses, saddle up and do their thing…