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May 2009
Radio Tracker

Just a quick one this time – I’ve improved the Radio Tracker so that it now lists by artist as well as by track. Why? Well because, for example, Green Day are currently in third place on Radio 1 with just three plays of Know Your Enemy, but as a band they’re romping away with 9 plays in the last 24h.

Don’t say I never do anything for you. :)

May 2009
Musical adventures

My grandfather said many, many wonderful things over the years. He was an expect with a turn of phrase, and knew exactly how to get people on side.

Which means I’m not entirely sure if I should tell you all that he once described the difference between my musical tastes and my brother’s thus

Your tastes in music are very eclectic. Steven’s are… random.

Anyway, my latest Amazon order arrived today – some from Amazon UK, some from Amazon Jersey and some via a company in Austria. Oh yes…!

Susanna and the Magical Orchestra – Melody Mountain I bought this album for one track really, and that was because of how uncomfortable it made me feel. Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah. Her singing style is so slow and mournful that it almost hurts. GB and I came to the conclusion that it’s almost like listening to a slightly tearful and slightly drunk widow singing to herself as she tidies away after a wake. It’s that singing that you do when you don’t really know that you’re singing. A beautiful album that I’ll probably only play half a dozen times a year…

Semisonic – Feeling Strangely Fine It’s odd to think that this album came out 10 years ago and yet I only ‘discovered’ it on the radio last week. I’d heard Secret Smile and Closing Time before, but never really connected them to a band. Interestingly, asking Last.FM to build a station round them gets you Blues Traveller, They Might Be Giants, Letters to Cleo and Barenaked Ladies. Looks like I’m actually an American teenager from the 80s…

Tom Lehrer – In Concert There’s nothing to be said about Tom Lehrer that hasn’t already been said. So I’ll just link to the Masochism Tango.

Novika – Tricks of Life This will be the one from Austria, despite the fact that she’s actually Polish. I bought this one after hearing her version of California Dreaming and it has the distinction of being the only album I bought that Gb actively dislikes. How could I not like a re-imagining of an old track with female vocals, a piano and gentle bass rumbling in the background?

Apr 2009
Fast Cars

I love mashups. I love mixes and interpretations. But it’s rare that I prefer the cover when it’s pretty much a straight lift. Here though, I think that I actually prefer Mutya to Tracy. It’s bloody close though… There’s just that extra little bit of neck tingling on the high notes…

Tracy Chapman

Mutya Buena

Apr 2009
Radio Tracker

The first (and possibly last) web toy is the Radio Tracker.

It takes data from various UK radio stations (as well as my own feed) and displays track frequencies in terms of tracks per hour, tracks per day, and how many times each track has been played in any given time period.

In time I’m also planning on adding a graph that shows track popularity over time, a tool to show what played at any given moment in time (like reverse TV listings), and the ability to chose an arbitrary time period…

If you know of any other radio stations that publish their track listings in RSS format or via, send them over to me and I’ll look at adding them to the tracker. I’ll probably reset the data on 1st June since the first is also a Monday…

Sep 2008
I love Radio4…

… and now the weather: Rain. In sport…