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May 2009
End of a life

I feel like such a complete and utter bastard.

I have a fish tank in my living room. It’s not small (180l / 40ImpGallons / 50USGallons ). It’s full of mollys, platys, plecos, tetras and shrimp. There’s a good number of plants and there are many more platys and mollys than there were because they keep shagging.

Except there’s now one less platy than before.

I knew that one of my mollys had a touch of fungus on one of his eyes, so I went out an bought myself a little 20l tank to use as a quarantine tank while I treat him. Fishing him out, I realised that one of my pregnant platys had little flecks of white on her sides and she wasn’t swimming right. Too many fish and too many hiding places I hadn’t noticed how bad it was.

7 hours later and its obvious that she’s not getting better. Worse than that, she’s now pointing downwards and showing no interest in swimming.

I should have been able to do the right thing. I should have been able to take a little sharp knife and knick the back of her neck. Instead, all I could do is fish her out and watch her suffocate in the open air.

I feel so empty.

What a wonderful Saturday…