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Sep 2008
Attack of the DRM

Remember ‘Spore’? It’s the new game where you develop a new species from scratch, help it evolve and grow. It’s been hyped up for ages, and it was just released.

On right now, the game gets 2 stars. Of the 151 votes on the reviews, 128 of them are for “1 star”. Of the nine “5 Star” rating, two are from two years ago, when no-one had played anything connected to the game.

Why is the score so low? Well, the game demands that you install Securerom and it connects to a server when you install and run the game. It’s been DRMed to death. Add in the fact that the servers are currently falling over (and so people can’t install or play the game) and it’s all going a bit wrong.

The irony of it all…? A hacked version with no DRM requirements appeared on the torrent sites FOUR DAYS before the game was released.

Way to go EA Games…