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If there is a photographic gimmick more annoying and more abused than HDR, it’s Tilt-Shift. And I hate it with the heat of a thousand clichéd suns.

You know the effect – it’s the one where you make a photo of a lifesized reality look like a model. A quick search on flickr will turn up a few million photos like the one below where someone with an illegal copy of Photoshop has used their leet skillz to make a miniature diorama scene.

A dockyard and a 'model dockyard'

The above took me all of 2 minutes, and it’s pretty representative of the genre. What you do is take a fairly average photo from a lofty perspective, and put a gradient blur on the image fading out from the horizontal that you want to have in focus.

It’s shit, isn’t it?

The thing is, I have no great problem with tilt-shift. You get a complex lens system, and you shift the angle of the lens so that some bits go out of focus and others don’t.

The problem I have is with fake tilt-shift.

What we’re doing here is using photoshop to (badly) recreate an optical trick designed to (badly) trick the eye into thinking you’re looking at something smaller than you really are. Read the rest of this entry »

Dec 2009
Christmas Photos

I took my big camera with me to Christmas dinner. I got a new lens for Christmas. I took no photos.

These were the 27th, and the only photos I liked from a twenty minute session and nearly 60 photos…

Dec 2009

How about this for a beautiful image of Dubai’s skyline…?

No idea as to who owns it, other than it is used on this page from The Cool Hunter…

Jun 2009

Jun 2009

Apr 2009
Google Image Search

I’m not quite sure when it happened, but google’s image search has suddenly sprouted a colour selector so that you can filter your results by one of twelve colour groups. The results are surprisingly accurate, although the colour options are rather limiting. Something like Multicolr would have been rather cooler and well within the abilities of the Empire…

Digital Photography School has a special on taking long exposure photographs. I love long exposure shots, but these are just a think of beauty that I could never even dream of matching. This shot was taken by Flickr user MumbleyJoe, but there are many more at the DPS page.

Mumbley Joe’s photos are (c) and all rights reserved. Please click the image to give the picture it’s due love and check out his other photos.

Sep 2008

I love knots and bows, especially on clothing. I have an incredible urge to untie them. I love corsets. I love tops that create busts (even if the breasts below are small – hell Keira Knightley in a period movie is strangely attractive).

How could I not love the idea of Octoberfest…?

The only thing I don’t entirely understand is that it’s currently September…

Sep 2008

Stair Porn – It does exactly what it says on the tin. Except for the porn bit, obviously…

Aug 2008
Bridge Porn

So then boys and girls, how do you fancy some incredibly cool bridges? (yeah, there are some duplicates, but the pictures are cool none-the-less…)

Cool but unknown pictures
Milau – the highest bridge in the world
Scroll down for the fabulous Nanpu Bridge’s spiral incline
More random bridges

Aug 2008
Uncanny Valley

Some people need to have their photoshop privileges revoked