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Before you watch this, you need to know three things…

  • There is a surprisingly large slab of the fan fiction culture who believe that Capt Kirk and Mr Spock have a secret romantic relationship that is barely hinted at in the series
  • There is a thriving community of people bolting together TV show clips to make music videos.
  • Someone once told William Shatner he could sing, and he’s (intentionally, I think) taking the joke further than the rest of us are.

That said…. comedy gold…

Jul 2009
Annie Mashup

I’m pretty sure that the only Annie Lennox song I know is “Walking on Broken Glass”, but this is seven kinds of cool.

Annie Lennox has given her master tapes over to DJ Earworm and let him go nuts with them. The result is the above linked Backwards Forwards.

It’s a nice little mashup, but it’s much, much cooler that one artist has given another artist the ability to do something cool with her work. Come on musicians – stop hiding behind copyright rules and be creative…!