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Jun 2012
Projects hindsight

Every time I decorate a room, I get about a quarter of the way finished, look back and think “Yeah, you know, this could work!” and suddenly realise that I should have taken a photo of how it was before I started.

It’s not just decorating, it’s anything where there’s a chance for a big reveal type before and after thing going on. I always forget the “before” shot. Decorating, gardening, ground clearance (which is what most of my gardening turned into), renovating and (in the case of at least one disgusting car) cleaning.

Today’s project that has no “before” shot is weight loss. Oh yeah, baby, I’m making two posts about it in a row! Read the rest of this entry »

It’s strange how addictions work. You know that you can change your life whenever you want. You could change your life today if you wanted. In fact, you will. Tomorrow…

You know that your addiction has a risk of harming you, but that’s in the future. It won’t be this one time that kills you though, so that’s okay. And then you get a wake up call, and it changes. It has to.

Thankfully, my wakeup call wasn’t something like liver disease or emphysema.

I’ve not been sleeping well for a while, so the doctor gave me some zopiclone and told me to come back in a month, where she’d consider sleep analysis.

One month-long shimmery time-passing effect later, I was back. I was sleeping better and could concentrate better. I was still snoring and suffering sleep anea, but I was at least rested. No side effects. Except I was pissing like a race horse.

If I’m honest, I already knew what the next question would be.

I live my life at a desk; could happy live off fatty meat and caffeine; and consider walking to the car to be exercise. If you sliced me in half length ways, either half of me would have a healthy BMI.

“Do you have any history of diabetes in your family…?”

Yes, yes I do. My grandfather had diabetes before he died (although that may have been cancer related) and my father died from a heart attack that’s believed to be diabetes related.

“How old was he…?”

When he died? Late fifties. When he was diagnosed diabetic and had his arterial replacement? Thirty something.

She wasn’t impressed.

Ten minutes later, the needle in my arm was drawing for a fasting glucose. 3 days later I was back in for a glucose tolerance test.

A healthy person scores less than 6 on either test. A diabetic would score about 6 on your fasting glucose and above 11 on your tolerance test.

I scored 7.4 and 9.6.

No matter what, it was time to face the truth. I needed to sort my shit.

The “Diabetic Nurse” (who isn’t diabetic, I checked) agreed. Except she phrased it better. I needed to lose weight. I needed to get my eating under control. I needed to do exercise. She wanted me to come back in 3 months to see how I was getting on and to see if I needed help getting my weight and my blood glucose down.

That was on the first of May this year. 4 weeks ago.

Back on the first of March, I weighed 154.5 kilos and had a BMI of 40.6.

Today, I weigh 144.5 kilos.

On 1st August (the 3 month mark) the trend line on my weight tracking app has me weighing 134.5 kilos with a BMI of 35.6. I’m not intending to disappoint it.

Assuming I can break free of StumbleUpon, the next few months may involve a lot of updates on health and food.

Sep 2008

Does anyone else self doubt when they are feeling ill?

Right now I feel like my head has taken on Neanderthal shape; it hurts, it’s foggy and all I want to do is grunt at people and stick a pointy stick into a bee hive to get honey big jar of honey to try and soothe my throat The fact my throat hurts isn’t a good sign… normally I avoid sore throats since I had my tonsils ripped out. If I’ve still got a sore throat this could be a major lurgy coming to take me down.

All the time, however, there’s this little voice moaning at me, telling me I’m pathetic and that if I just tried then I would feel much more awake. Annoyingly, there’s a voice on my other shoulder which is convinced that I’d feel better if I went and raided the sweetie box in the kitchen. It’s probably right.

Most people have an angel and a devil on their shoulders. I have a school nurse and a sweet shop owner.

Sep 2008
The lighter snack…

On my desk right now I have a packet of “Tesco light bites Maple Bars” which claim to be “Big on taste, light on Calories, sugar or fat.” The ingredients are : Rice (40%), Glucose Syrup, Fructo-Oligosaccharides, Wheat(13%), Sugar, Glycerol, Maple Syrup, Veggie Oil, Malt, flavours and stuff.

By my estimates that’s 47% sugar and oil, and 330Kcal/100g. Honey, for comparison, is 310Kcal/100g.

Yeah… go Tescos…

Imagine that you’re in the market for a new bit, either male or female. Where would you be best looking? California? Florida? Well, according to this here map the singles / 1000 population, with a colour marker showing if it’s more male of female. Men are pretty much screwed (so to speak) until you get to the age of about 35, when the single females start appearing. Ignoring the probable illogic of this, it’s actually pretty interesting to watch how the gender divides work across the country as age increases…

Aug 2008

Firstly, I’ve just realised that roundup is the name of the weed killer I can still smell on my arms. I think I need to go scrub a couple of lays of skin off before I go to bed.

Right, so then, what has happened in the world of me?

My doctor’s stuff that I was obsessing about was as scary as it could be but in ways I hadn’t anticipated. My heart seems to be fine and my glucose response is fine, so it looks like heart was a false alarm (even if my BP is high) but my results came back with fucked liver enzymes. Seeing as how Pop’s pancreatic cancer was diagnosed from “fucked liver enzymes” this didn’t scare me at all. Oh no…

Apparently the likely cause is either random variations (so a retest on wednesday) or fatty liver, which sounds highly pleasant. So more tests on Wednesday, a week for them to remember what to do with blood and then back to see the doc and try (again) to get an increase in meds. It’s not looking promising, but I think I need them to stop my stomach lining from eating itself or me killing the boss. Considering how I warned him I wasn’t doing overtime and not doing stress, he’s not exactly made things easy for me.

Last night was fun. HelenFin came round for a little celebration and we hit the town for a night of drunken debauchery. Well… kindof. Not nearly enough alcohol was drunk and too much time was spent talking about life, the universe and everything, and not nearly enough time staring at behinds. I tell you, her tastes are slipping… not only was there very little pleasant scenery, there was a surprising lack of slappers to be spotted too. So we retired to an old man’s pub and drank there til midnight.

’twas a great night and much of the world was put to rights. When I take my rightful role as benevolent dictator of the Commonwealth, I think I may have found my minister for ethics and alcohol.

Many conclusions were reached. The most conclusive one being that no-one in their right mind should be friends with anyone who even knows a larper, D&Der or roleplayer (ahem…), but that it would be quite cool to go to a Renaissance Fair and run about like a prat in silly clothing. My only problem is that I’d spend all my time pretending to be Brian Blessed

Aug 2008

As most of you will know, I’m rather uncaring when it comes to my own health. I tend to ignore medical issues and anything that does turn up tends to be ignored.

But I’m crapping myself about the test results that I’m due tomorrow. My fasting glucose somehow turned into a complete cardiovascular and liver enzyme workup complete with an ECG. This isn’t a great sign.

The doc asked if I had any important family history… “Well, my father had diabetes and died of a diabetes related heart attack about six months before his replacement artery was predicted to fail, losing him at least one leg. My grandfather has had a long series of minor heart attacks, has angina and is currently refusing to die of pancreatic cancer. My grandmother has OldTimers, emphysema and asthma. My mother is an unknown quantity apart from the fact she’s an alcoholic. Oh, and my brother has high BP too.”

“I’ll take that as a yes then”, she replies.

Something tells me that the answer is either going to be diabetes (hardly a shock) or a heart problem. I already know I have high (but not dangerous) cholesterol, so it would hardly be a shock.

Moving up the morbidity stakes (what with this being such a cheery post so far) I’ve quite liked the idea of a heart attack as a way to die. Do it properly and it’s fast and the pain is major but brief. Pretty much the only other alternative is blowing a good sized blood vessel in the brain for speed and pain. And either of them let you joke about dying aged 90 whilst being ridden by an 18 year old nymphet…