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UK Town Map

Dear mumy. i made yuo this map of UK. LOve, SoDium.

Some time ago, I started wondering why you seem to get clusters of villages starting with the same letter. Was it confirmation bias? Was it my imagination? Was I really sad enough to think about once I was sober again?

We all know the answer to this…

I found a list of 39,000 towns and villages in the UK, together with their Long/Lat…

A quick bit of PHP, mysql and GD magic later, I had a script that took the positions in the database and plotted them out on a thousand pixel square gif. The answer very quickly became a very clear and loud “what the hell were you thinking?” So we’ll forget that I ever had that idea…

But what about all the towns and villages of the alphabet plotted on the same 10002 grid? Well, that would be the picture to the right…

May 2009
Radio Tracker

Just a quick one this time – I’ve improved the Radio Tracker so that it now lists by artist as well as by track. Why? Well because, for example, Green Day are currently in third place on Radio 1 with just three plays of Know Your Enemy, but as a band they’re romping away with 9 plays in the last 24h.

Don’t say I never do anything for you. :)

Apr 2009
Google Image Search

I’m not quite sure when it happened, but google’s image search has suddenly sprouted a colour selector so that you can filter your results by one of twelve colour groups. The results are surprisingly accurate, although the colour options are rather limiting. Something like Multicolr would have been rather cooler and well within the abilities of the Empire…

Nov 2008
Cool toys

You know, it’s a good job I’m a nice guy. You think of all the terrorist attacks in this country. You know, the ones that have involved exploding backpacks and cars full of petrol.

They’ve been pretty pathetic really, haven’t they?

I mean, the British just don’t do terrorism – we spent too long being threatened by the Irish. When someone is able to blow every window out of Canary Warf or decimate a city centre they get treated a little differently to someone who manages to kill a couple of people in a confined space. Terrorists? Bah! Crappy terrorists? Double Bah!

Just, for a moment, imagine you are a bad guy. Now imagine the ‘fun’ you could have with one of these