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As anyone who reads my twitter may have realised, I was at a wedding this weekend.

Well, technically, someone (possibly the groom) told me, it either wasn’t a wedding or wasn’t a marriage, since both the grooms were male and they are now civil partners, but to everyone there, it was a wedding. And a damned fine one too.

At the risk of offending others, I think I have to say it was the most relaxed group of friends and family I’ve ever seen at a wedding – everyone dancing, singing, shouting, and laughing like the greatest of lifelong friends.

Yet, somehow, none of the photos I took of people were to my liking. Every one of them was blurry or oddly posed. I know that I prefer going macro or landscape to going portrait, but still… Read the rest of this entry »

May 2010
Sexy little lens

Did I tell you that I’ve bought a new lens for my camera?

Despite all my lustings for thousand pound lenses, I’ve gone and bought the cheapest lens Canon sell – a 50mm prime…

I'm sure the post is supposed to hold the rails up...

The last remains of an ivy runner up our wall