Jun 2012

Projects hindsight

Every time I decorate a room, I get about a quarter of the way finished, look back and think “Yeah, you know, this could work!” and suddenly realise that I should have taken a photo of how it was before I started.

It’s not just decorating, it’s anything where there’s a chance for a big reveal type before and after thing going on. I always forget the “before” shot. Decorating, gardening, ground clearance (which is what most of my gardening turned into), renovating and (in the case of at least one disgusting car) cleaning.

Today’s project that has no “before” shot is weight loss. Oh yeah, baby, I’m making two posts about it in a row!

Today’s a good day for me. Three weeks ago, I refused to by a t-shirt because it was too tight. Today, it’s looking good on me. 2 months ago, I was wearing size 44 jeans, today I’m in 40s. I’ve drawn my belt in three notches and I’m expecting to hit my 10% weight loss marker sometime this week. That’s 15.4kg gone. (For you old fashioned types, 16kg is two and a half stone.)

That’s a pretty big deal for me.

Anyway, today I spent about 40 minutes chatting to my very lovely diabetes nurse about life, the universe, and my medical records. We were only supposed to be doing the last one.

So… what did I learn…?

  1. That nurses like people looking at their medical records, because it means they are interested in their own health
  2. That (if BMI was valid in children) I was diagnosed “overweight” at the age of 11.
  3. That, by the time I was 15, I’d gained 30kg and 5 BMI points and was now “obese”.
  4. That, from that point, until March this year, my BMI took an almost dead straight path from 30BMI to 40BMI over 20 years.

There was a slight dip in 1994 (although my weight went up, so presumably I grew a lot) but other than that, it’s just a steady continuous growth.

So, now, I’ve dropped from 154.5kg to 141(ish) in 2 1/2 months. I weigh now roughly what I weighed when I joined my current company back in 2006.

Will I ever stop being overweight or obese? Not a chance. Even the nurse volunteered to me today that the BMI makes no sense for people who are tall because people are three dimensional and BMI charts are two dimensional. According to a very nice lady at BUPA a few years back, my lean body massĀ  was 107kg. That’s a BMI of 28. Even with so little fat on me that I’d die, she predicted I’d have a BMI that was top end of overweight.

I don’t really trust those fat meters since they rely so much on hydration, but that scared me.

I’d love to reach “overweight”. It’s my current goal in Libra. I’m just not sure if it’s possible…

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