May 2012

Time to face my addiction…

It’s strange how addictions work. You know that you can change your life whenever you want. You could change your life today if you wanted. In fact, you will. Tomorrow…

You know that your addiction has a risk of harming you, but that’s in the future. It won’t be this one time that kills you though, so that’s okay. And then you get a wake up call, and it changes. It has to.

Thankfully, my wakeup call wasn’t something like liver disease or emphysema.

I’ve not been sleeping well for a while, so the doctor gave me some zopiclone and told me to come back in a month, where she’d consider sleep analysis.

One month-long shimmery time-passing effect later, I was back. I was sleeping better and could concentrate better. I was still snoring and suffering sleep anea, but I was at least rested. No side effects. Except I was pissing like a race horse.

If I’m honest, I already knew what the next question would be.

I live my life at a desk; could happy live off fatty meat and caffeine; and consider walking to the car to be exercise. If you sliced me in half length ways, either half of me would have a healthy BMI.

“Do you have any history of diabetes in your family…?”

Yes, yes I do. My grandfather had diabetes before he died (although that may have been cancer related) and my father died from a heart attack that’s believed to be diabetes related.

“How old was he…?”

When he died? Late fifties. When he was diagnosed diabetic and had his arterial replacement? Thirty something.

She wasn’t impressed.

Ten minutes later, the needle in my arm was drawing for a fasting glucose. 3 days later I was back in for a glucose tolerance test.

A healthy person scores less than 6 on either test. A diabetic would score about 6 on your fasting glucose and above 11 on your tolerance test.

I scored 7.4 and 9.6.

No matter what, it was time to face the truth. I needed to sort my shit.

The “Diabetic Nurse” (who isn’t diabetic, I checked) agreed. Except she phrased it better. I needed to lose weight. I needed to get my eating under control. I needed to do exercise. She wanted me to come back in 3 months to see how I was getting on and to see if I needed help getting my weight and my blood glucose down.

That was on the first of May this year. 4 weeks ago.

Back on the first of March, I weighed 154.5 kilos and had a BMI of 40.6.

Today, I weigh 144.5 kilos.

On 1st August (the 3 month mark) the trend line on my weight tracking app has me weighing 134.5 kilos with a BMI of 35.6. I’m not intending to disappoint it.

Assuming I can break free of StumbleUpon, the next few months may involve a lot of updates on health and food.

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