Nov 2010

The American People – An Apology

Since Private Eye don’t have a website, I’ll have to write this out…

In recent years, in our coverage of American politics, we may have given the impression that, in electing Barack Obama as President in 2008, the American people had shown themselves as thoroughly enlightened and forward-looking, having thrown off racial prejudice and generally become politically mature in a way which should serve as an inspiration to the whole of mankind.

Such headlines as “US Comes of Age in Electing First Black President”, “Obama Victory Shows America Has Thrown Off Race Prejudice For Ever” and “US Walks Tall Into Future With Barack The Superman” might have suggested that we considered that by electing Mr Obama, America was entertaining a new golden age.

Having watched with horror as in the recent mid-term elections US voters went overboard for candidates representing the so-called Tea Party, we now realise that the American people are no more than a bunch of backward-looking, reactionary, gun-toting, Bible-bashing rednecks who have no place in the modern world. We apologise to our readers for any inconvenience our gullibility may have cause.

Yeah. Not much that can be said about that really… (©2010 Private Eye, 1275).

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