Sep 2010

The Rock 1000 2010

So, my current favourite radio station of all time, EVAR (part 1) has just finished its yearly 100 greatest Rock songs of all time…

  1. Rage Against The Machine – Killing In The Name
  2. Metallica – One
  3. Foo Fighters – Everlong
  4. Tool – Sober
  5. Metallica – Enter Sandman
  6. Shihad – Home Again
  7. AC/DC – Back ‘n’ Black
  8. Guns ‘N’ Roses – November Rain
  9. Pearl Jam – Black
  10. Lynyrd Skynyrd – Free Bird (Fixed spelling… you can’t trust anyone in this copy/paste world…)

So, how many surprises do we have in there…?

Well, Rage is currently loved more than usual (even in NZ) following the shafting of Cowell last Christmas. With the exception of Shihad and Tool (neither of whom I’m heard of before) it’s all pretty much as expected. In fact, Freebird is the only one of those tracks that wasn’t in the top 20 for last year’s chart.

How many new entries were there in the top 100? It’s a depressingly short list…

  1. I Am Giant – City Limits
  2. Slash – By The Sword (incredibly forgettable, IMHO)
  3. I am Giant – Neon Sunrise(which I think is a better song than City Limits)
  4. Rise Against – Saviour (another great song)
  5. Disturbed – Inside the Fire (urgh…)
  6. Slipknot – Snuff (It’s slipknot…. that’s all you need to know)
  7. War Machine – AC/DC

Wait… what? War Machine was released 2 years ago. How did the fans of AC/DC take two whole years to get that into the top 1000?

Strangely, one of my favourite tracks on The Rock (American Slang by The Gaslight Anthem) didn’t make it onto the list at all.

Most depressing of all is that U2 managed to get 21 tracks in the top 1000. Still, at least they didn’t manage to get higher than 93…

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