Aug 2010

More photos from Kiwiland, part 2

The next batch of photos, this time from Taupo towards Tauranga…

Taupo, Craters of the Moon

Huka Falls

Huka Falls is where the entire of Lake Taupo drains through a 15 meter wide channel at up to a 220,000 litres a second. I was told (but I can’t find evidence for it) that they back the flow down at night when the water isn’t needed by the various hydro and geothermal power plants down-stream.

The main falls. It's a 6m drop but there's 5m of water on top of it. 11m total drop.

They wouldn't let me drive the jet boat. I didn't need to ask...

The Wai-O-Tapu Geothermal Wonderland

Like half of New Zealand, Wai-O-Tapu used to be a sacred Maori spot. Now it’s a commercial ‘Wonderland’. Oh yes…

Yellow = Sulphur. Red = Iron. Purple = Manganese.

God, this is a view that bodes. I'm just not sure what it bodes...

Can you guess why this is called the Artist's Palette...?

Water shouldn't look like it's on fire. That's the Champagne Pool. Constant 73-75c and rich in CO2.

An unmolested photo - the pool really is that colour. The water's hot, but the bubbles are CO2.

Remember what I said about the pool temperature? She's sat pretty much were the last photo was taken.

The Oyster Pool, seen from above.

Another photo I swear I haven't manipulated. That thing has a /lot/ of sulphur in it...


I’m not going to say much about Tauranga. But I will mention Za Pizzeria on The Strand. They serve good pizza and they didn’t treat me like a complete lunatic when I tried to convince them to add sliced olives (from their bar garnishes selection) to the top of a garlic and ham pizza…

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