Jun 2010

Wedding + camera = no photos?

As anyone who reads my twitter may have realised, I was at a wedding this weekend.

Well, technically, someone (possibly the groom) told me, it either wasn’t a wedding or wasn’t a marriage, since both the grooms were male and they are now civil partners, but to everyone there, it was a wedding. And a damned fine one too.

At the risk of offending others, I think I have to say it was the most relaxed group of friends and family I’ve ever seen at a wedding – everyone dancing, singing, shouting, and laughing like the greatest of lifelong friends.

Yet, somehow, none of the photos I took of people were to my liking. Every one of them was blurry or oddly posed. I know that I prefer going macro or landscape to going portrait, but still…

2570 x 1770 version

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    Tue 29th Jun '10
    09:58 UTC

    Those are really nice photos. I love the top two. I wish I had more time to get out and about and take photos – everything else seems to get in the way. Oh well!

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    Tue 29th Jun '10
    10:31 UTC

    Those top two were taken with my fantastically cheap 50mm prime lens. It’s incredibly quick, but it occasionally takes the aperture too small and has too shallow a depth of field. I’d be happier if the glass was slightly sharper rather than the stem being perfect and the bowl being a touch out of focus.

    Are you putting your photos online?

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    Tue 29th Jun '10
    16:50 UTC

    Blurry or not, I’d love to see some of the photos sometime as I bet the happy pair looked very good on the day. I agree with Ali about the top two photos, and I even like the bottom one too, despite my feelings about creepy crawlies!

    Maybe you were also a bit too laid back and happy to take photos – possibly edginess and a little detachment is a requirment for even an amateur photographer on these occasions. Anyway, I am glad that you both had such a good time.

    It is odd how some celebrations just click together and go with a bang and lots of laughter and fun, whilst others, equally well planned and organised, just don’t quite have the same amosphere. I guess it all depends on how everyone attending views the day and how much ‘baggage’ they bring to it. Well done to this couple for getting the mix just right!! If/when you have the chance, please pass on my good wishes for their future happiness.

    Re the blurriness and out of focus, I had the same problem at the concert on Saturday, but then again, I have neither the same photographic skills or the high quality camera equipment that you have, so my poor output is most likely irrelevant and only to be expected *grin*

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