Apr 2010


You and me both, Randall...

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    Wed 12th May '10
    11:18 UTC

    Have you disappeared from the world? I take it you have ditched facebook as you seem to no longer be there. I’ve texted a few times and not heard anything. Are you ok? Is there a problem, have I upset you somehow?

    I really hope you’re ok and you’re just busy with life etc but would love you to get in touch and let me know!

    Take care

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    Wed 12th May '10
    12:46 UTC

    Yeah I left Facebook in a strop about privacy. When things calm down at work, I’ll write about it maybe.

    I don’t remember seeing any texts (which doesn’t mean I haven’t). Can you text me again or mail [myrealname]@gmail.com?

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    Mon 12th Jul '10
    18:21 UTC

    Forgot about this comic. Thanks for sharing; I just had a good laugh.

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