Jun 2009

Outdoor office

I’ve been thinking about having an ‘outdoor office’ at the new house, by running an armoured power run up the fence to the top of the garden.

Maybe this isn’t the best idea after all…

Add some wood to make a rain shelter for it, and you’ve got a power station out in your garden for £80. Or I could buy £100 of armoured cable and pretend I’d got an electrician to install it. Even if we ignore the geekiness, I think we all know which one is more likely…

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    Wed 1st Jul '09
    06:50 UTC

    The new house? Are you planning on moving to your grandparents house, or somewhere else totally? We lost our plot for our house this week, however we have found another with a really nice design. It’s just different to what I had planned.

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    Wed 1st Jul '09
    12:45 UTC

    Grandparent’s house. Don’t know how well you remember it, but the back garden stretches up past the two houses next door. Top of the garden is about a 100yrds away…

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    Thu 2nd Jul '09
    05:46 UTC

    I do remember it being pretty large and long. Mind you, I think I’ve only been there twice and once we left in a panic for a trip to the Lister because someone couldn’t breathe (can’t remember who that might have been)! It’s a bungalow isn’t it? I seem to remember the kitchen being fairly large. Think I’ve only been in there and the lounge.

    Was quite surprised to find our new house (assuming this one doesn’t fall apart) is 25ft wide with a garden that is longer than the house is wide. Normally new builds are tiny boxes with a stamp for a garden. Ok, so it is not the hugest house (2 bedroom, lounge, kitchen, bathroom) but it is fine for us and we can afford it, so better than going for something bigger, stretching the finance and needing a lodger. The rooms are a reasonable size too, so it will be nice.

    We need to get together and catch up properly soon…

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    Thu 2nd Jul '09
    09:08 UTC

    I do remember it being pretty large and long.

    Fnar fnar…

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