Jan 2009


In case anyone thinks my unusual silence on this matter means I have softened my opinions, I’d just like to say this:

Fuck the Israeli government; those who support them, including the American government; and those who refuse to condem them.

As you will know, I have nothing against the Jewish people. I have problems with the creation of Israel the same as I have problems with any of the external geopolitical medling Europe has so loved over the years (see Iraq, Yugoslavia and most of Africa for examples of how well it’s worked). I have a big problem with those, both Jewish and otherwise, who seem to think that the past persecutions of the Jewish people somehow absolve them of any responsibilities when it comes to protecting themselves.

Hamas (who are a government, godamnit, not a terrorist group – they were elected) fire rockets on a regular basis and have killed a very small number of Israelis. The Israeli military has killed many, many innocent people (the last figure I heard was 400 people) and will keep going until it has “destroyed Hamas”.

How can we stand by and let this continue? More importantly, how can we stop it? It’s clear my boycot on Israeli avocados, peppers and dates has had a crippling effect on the American supported economy, but I know no other way. Standing in the street does nothing. Making one’s voice known marks you out as an anti-semite. Or probably a terrorist in today’s police state mentality.

And we in the western world wonder why the Arab countries despise us for meddling in their countries…

I don’t believe in god, but I know others do, and for all I know one or more of them exist. I hope those gods forgive us for our actions. And our inactions.


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