Wooden Stuff

Apr 2009

Over the years I’ve spent too many hours playing with AutoCAD to not be cynical about new and exciting CAD systems.

Laptop Stand

Laptop Stand

But I’ve finally gotten around to trying out Google’s Sketchup, and I have to say, I’m impressed.

I have just two complaints so far… firstly that the rectangle drawing tool seems to go off in an random direction (which is probably because I haven’t found the right toggle) and secondly that you can’t control in which direction the textures are applied.

I’m now desperately looking for things to draw.

The first victim? Some thoughts for a collapse laptop stand…

Apr 2009
Welcome to Sodium

Every second a new blog is started1. This is the blog for this second…

Anything from this point onwards has been brought over from a different site. Unfortunately comments haven’t come over with them, so the sparkling wit my words generate isn’t here. Unless commenters are as bored as I was when I started the transfer.

For the record “Sodium Lights The Horizon” means nothing. It was a random phrase that came from a random conversation. It seems strangely lyrical but google returned zero hits on the phrase. Simple as that…

1 – I may have made that up. But you believed it, didn’t you…?